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For years now, 4us moving has been offering their consumers the best long distance move services in terms of quality, and they have become the best long distance movers in Orange County ca. With 4us, customers build their moving plan that is within their preferences and with all the information about the available services that can be customized. With every moving quote, there is a further addition of our Full Value Option of protection. With the services offered at 4us, customers can expect everything they need from the quality and productive services from 4usmoving.com.

We are aware that consumers have the right to an efficient moving experience that is within their preferences, schedules and budget.

The definition of a long distance move

Moving that involves long-distance travel such as state-to-state, or covers a significant distance with constant moving can describe a move that is cross-country. Federal permission is required when state borders have to be passed. Within long distance moves, employees are protected within the whole journey by the National Legislation and Requirements in the United States.

When moving products, commodities, or any other types of goods across state borders, there is the need for long distance moving companies Orange County ca. Unprofessional movers are not accredited to offer moving services and when they do so against the law, they do a shoddy job and when anything unfortunate comes up, the liability is left to the client. In many cases, these inadequate moving companies hold people’s belongings hostage. It is therefore important to know the difference between trustworthy movers who can be depended on and rogue unprofessional movers who are nothing but trouble and unnecessary risk.

Cost & Satisfaction

The total cost incurred for a long distance move

According to 4us, they calculate moving costs based on quantity, weight, desired customer services, and the distance of relocation. Because there are various differences with each long distance move, 4us needs all the required information from the customer for them to determine the cost accurately.

What do customers say about 4us Moving?

For years the consumers have trusted on 4us Moving for their long-distance migration needs. 4us simplifies movement to new areas and delivers exactly as their customers want. You can check what other satisfied customers have to say about 4us moving as the long distance moving company in Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

We fulfill not only the functions of a transportation company, but also of a logistic company. Our drivers know every corner of Los Angeles city very well, they know their way around not only in Downtown LA, but also in the outlying areas of the city. There are many shortcuts in the million-person city of Los Angeles, California and our drivers know them well, which helps speed up the moving around the city. During a preparation for moving around the region, specialists will develop the shortest route of all possible options. We are well aware that no one wants to delay the move and dreams to settle down in a new apartment as quickly as possible. Together with us you will able to do it.

We will help with the organization and the preparation of long distance moving Los Angeles. After ordering the moving, we will immediately begin to solve important issues, among which there is the calculation of the cost by using the moving calculator. It is possible to receive an estimate cost for the move online or by phone, it is not necessary to come to our office in person. We do not charge for the rental of a truck or for fuel (gas); these costs are covered by the company at its own expense and not by the customers. We have three packages with a variety of services and different moving prices.

Besides the actual moving from point A to point B you will get access to free use of blankets and moving pads, loading / unloading, assembly / reassembly, packing / unpacking.

Yes, we’re a full-service moving company and our professional packing team will take care of your things using an assortment of high quality packing materials.

Long distance movers will gladly move anything up to appliances and even pianos. But we will not be able to help you if you want to deliver to your new apartment dangerous chemicals, explosive, toxic substances, etc. You can get the full list of prohibited items from our company representatives; they can also tell you how to move the items from the list to your new address. Call the number and learn about all the rules of the apartment move.